Rebekka Jochem


It started in the first semester, when used teabags were starting to accumulate on my desk as a by-product from my work at the studio. I was fascinated by their color scheme and diverse shapes, so I started collecting and mounting them on the wall behind me.

I first exhibited them on a flat surface, showcasing the richness of the resulting texture and play of colors. In the next step I explored their potential in a more dynamic setting and staged them on the human body.


Baking for the Algorithm

The algorithm is a particular gourmand. It will nibble the hardest of sprinkles, chew the dryest dough, lick the most toxic frosting - in short, it will devour everything it's offered under just one condition - it must look tasty.

I made this photo series in spring 2021. It was the second lock-down and as I was consuming copious amounts of foodporn on Instagram, I started wondering whether anyone was actually eating all these beautiful pastries, decorative rolls, and colorful sponge-cakes.


Hi! I'm Rebekka, a designer based in Germany and the Netherlands. I like to play with materials, visuals and code.

Find me @rebekkajochem.