Daisy Suit

Your gait, the way you walk, is a unique trait that can be used to identify you on video footage. This suit is equipped with several sensors that capture aspects of your movement and the Daisy Seed microcontroller generates sounds with this data. This will help you disguise your walk by training to generate specific soundscapes, so you can swing, rush, limp or crawl past those cameras unrecognized.

The suit has several sensors sown into key positions that capture the movement. In the creases of the elbows and knees are Velostad pads that change their resistance when they are bent to register how extensive the movement is and record the rhythm of the walking cycle. At the back of the suit below the collar is a gyroscope that measures the speed of movement and orientation of the upper body. The powerbank and microcontroller are placed on the inside of the jacket.

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